Going Postal for Online Post-it's!

Can we make teaching online more fun? Let’s talk about Post-its!

We are all working on a transition to online teaching (or maybe you have already been teaching online)! How do you inspire students to brainstorm online? Can we go beyond message boards to something with more versatility? There are many ways to do this! Today, I am going to talk about online interactive post-it notes. The product that I am most familiar with for achieving this goal is Padlet. So, what are some ways that you can use this type of app to enhance your teaching?





What is it?

Web-based app that allows posting of notes on a digital wall (notes can be posted anonymously or attached to a username). Files, images, videos, and links can be uploaded to the wall. Notes can be moved around to arrange into categories, ranking, or however you would like!

Ideas of ways to use it!

-Brainstorming: my favorite way to use this tool. Pose any question or project and allow students/audience to weigh in. (This includes patient cases). The audience can see each others’ comments and vote them up/down in real time. Great way to engage with your audience and see all of the ideas at once!

-Questions during presentation: A nice option with these post-its is that they can be anonymous or listed with a name. So, students can post to it during class and the instructor can review them aloud periodically.

-Opening activity: ask students to post what they remember from the previous class-summarizes content & succinct place for students to review

-Collaborative note taking-students can work together to create one resource of notes

-Event details: lists, links, photos, etc

-Muddiest point: what questions do you still have? What didn’t make sense?

-Post it gallery: students can create an online gallery with information, images, links. QR code can be printed and put around the room so students can see each other’s work

-Research resources for group projects-ideas, sources, links, etc for research. Central place to keep all information.

-Student organizations: announcements, events, etc

-Themes: not just for A Christmas Story! Similar to how you would use a hashtag on social media platforms, you could have students upload to a post it instead! As an example, what if you wanted your students to post pictures of flu shot public health advertising? (Or, of course, COVID19)? Instead of a hashtag, they could all post onto a post it.

-Conference notes: We all go to conferences that have an impact. Everyone can post notes from the sessions they attend onto a post it! Everyone is able to benefit from the notes from the other sessions!

-Introductions: students/groups post to introduce themselves

-Student portfolio! You can create a board for each student and keep all of their assignments and projects in one place.

Hopefully, you have some ideas of ways to use this versatile tool! This is not our high school reunion and we didn’t invent these post-its, but they are a great option for active learning! Thanks for tuning into Two Pills Podcast.