Two Pills Tips: You'll Thank Yourself for Self-Reflection!

May 24, 2019


You have finished with students/residents/learners! Or you’re almost there!  While everything is fresh, this is the perfect time to reflect on your experience as a preceptor and consider changes for next year.  You will likely receive formal evaluation feedback from students , but self-reflection is key.  This tip will discuss some questions to ask yourself to honestly self-evaluate your performance in guiding students on rotations.  


  • Was I prepared for the rotation? 

  • Preliminary schedule created 

  • Key people informed that the learner is coming 

  • My schedule adjusted to accommodate learner 

  • Is there anything you want to include for next year?  

  • Anything you would like to remove? 

  • Was it well-organized? 

  • Did I make the learner feel welcome? 

  • Orienting him/her to the site 

  • Introducing them to key people 

  • For me, also means orienting them to the electronic medical record 

  • Could I create resources/schedules/handouts to make this easier? (Key phone numbers, areas of the EMR frequently visited, etc) 

  • Did I set individualized goals for students at the beginning of the rotation? 

  • Many schools require learning plans for students. I also require a pretest at the beginning of the rotation and have students self-identify learning areas. We reflect back on these goals throughout the rotation to keep them accountable.  

  • Did I act as a role model throughout? 

  • Did I provide regular feedback?  

  • Was it both positive and constructive?  

  • Was it on a regular basis? 

  • Did I encourage the learner to self-evaluate his/her own performance? 

  • Were the methods I used to teach/question the most effective? 

  • Did I use thought provoking questions to link learner’s previous courses to current experience? 

  • Was student progress observed? 

  • Did I feel confident in my knowledge and abilities in guiding a learner? What steps can I take to improve as a preceptor? 

  • Review student evaluations for themes-not just outliers. What do I plan to do to address these areas for improvement and feedback received? 


Consider these questions and I recommend making any changes now.  You will thank yourself when you have your next set of learners!  Thank you for tuning in to Two Pills Podcast! 




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