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Two Pills Tips: Step Away from the Podium!

November 29, 2018

Give more and get more from your audience!













  • “Universities were founded in Western Europe in 1050 and lecturing has been the predominant form of teaching ever since” 

  • Scott Freeman, University of Washington 

  • “It’s almost unethical to be lecturing if you have this data…an abundance of proof that lecturing is outmoded, outdated, and inefficient.” 

  • Eric Mazur, Harvard University  

  • Our Learners 

  • Self-directed, problem-centered, prefer active involvement 

  • Millennial learners are participatory and prefer assembling information 

  • Need to recall extensive amounts of practical information  

  • Why active learning? 

  • Meta-analysis of 225 undergrad STEM studies  

  • Comparing student performance when exposed to traditional lecture vs. lecture with active learning  

  • Performance 

  • Traditional lecture = 34% 

  • Active learning = 22% 

  • Exam scores ↑ 6% 

  • Letter grade ↑ C+ to B- 

  • Active Learning 

  • Student centered 

  • Knowledge structures changing 

  • Contextualized knowledge 

  • Small groups 

  • Student dialogue 

  • Transformational 

  • Passive Learning 

  • Teacher centered 

  • Passive learning/memorization 

  • Knowledge out of context 

  • Individual 

  • Student listening 

  • Traditional 



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