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Two Pills Tips: Classroom Card Games!

August 19, 2018

Learn how to apply classroom card games to your teaching repertoire! 


A classroom-appropriate take on Cards Against Humanity and/or Apples to Apples!







  • Word association games

  • Shared goal by all players to complete a phrase by matching the dealer’s card to a card in their hand to earn points

  • Everyone has a unique set of cards in their hand, and thus the phrases can vary wildly, depending on the preference of the player.



  • Learners are divided into teams that can range from 4 students per team to 10 or more.

  • In each round, one player (the ‘judge’) turns over the top prompt card and the others, who each have a hand of 8-10 cards, anonymously throw down a single card in response.  

  • Two sets of cards— a “judge” lays a category word or phrase and participants have to secretly lay a card from their hand that they believe best represents the word/phrase. The judge selects which card was the closest/funniest/most interesting/best. The card that the judge chooses earns a point. 


  • Small or large groups, though smaller teams may be more engaged

  • Classroom likely most conducive


What topics:

  • Almost any content, usually as a review

  • Any topic that has clear subcategories/topics 

  • So, for pharmacotherapy of diabetes, the topic card could be “DPP4’s, insulin, GLP-1’s, etc” and then students would have to use adjective/descriptor cards “hypoglycemia, weight gain, nausea, etc” and the best card wins

  • For heart failure, could use each drug class as a topic card and the descriptor cards could be “hypokalemia, mortality benefit, etc”



  • Goal of this strategy is to provide an immersive active learning strategy for review and association/correlation of complex topics. 

  • Though would take time to set up and print, could be used over and over

  • Estimated classroom time: 15-20 minutes 



  • This active learning strategy, like many, requires the instructor to be comfortable with a small amount of chaos. Learners typically enjoy this game and become competitive. 

  • To add descriptor cards, could use “NOT cards”-so “NOT hypoglycemia” as a descriptor

  • Templates available online (see links in show notes)-probably want to print on cardstock for longer-lasting cards








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