Two Pills Tips: Lightboard!

Quick tip for your next class: Lightboard!



  • Part chalkboard and part projection screen

  • When the glass is written on using a fluorescent marker, the ink will glow and become plainly visible

  • Camera on the other side of the glass records the video while reversing the frames to make the text readable

  • From the teacher’s point of view, they’re writing on a surface similar to a chalkboard while facing a camera. From the student’s point of view, the teacher makes eye contact while writing in midair.


  • All size classes

  • Usually for flipped classroom as short videos to watch prior to class

  • Can include visual aids like graphics or photos, but probably easiest to just start with text

What topics:

  • Math, chemistry, etc

  • Equations; formulas, calculations, diagrams and very little text

  • Using it before class to explain complex topics that would take up significant class time


  • Would need to find studio with it or make your own (often at library or other media areas at University)

  • Need to make the lighted board and have video recording available

  • Video can be shared via youtube, vimeo, or on your instruction platform such as Canvas or Blackboard


  • Often before class

  • Students can control the pace

  • Students can view it over and over as needed

  • Great study tool

  • Try to keep it short to increase engagement and keep attention

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